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This is a wikia for a series of Fanfics written by Mikufwah, a pokemon fanfic author. Please join if you read it at Matoibeans which can be found inside the wikia (awe)

Mikufwah is like no other~Edit

Welcome to Miku's imagination! Miku makes alot of fanfiction, and starting now, she is going to post it~. Sweet May and I, ever being so eager to see Matoi launch into pokemon fandom stardom, made a wikia for Matoi (and her other regions for her pokemon fanfic) to make it gain publicity, and document every crack ever made!!

Btw, even if you don't know what the fuck a Matoi/other things related to Mikufwah is, this is a pokemon wikia, by extension of course, so feel free to make articles about that? ?_?;;

Enjoy Editing Muffin Shota 15:23, February 5, 2010 (UTC)

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